Waste Pickers Challenge

You might have seen them on the road, in your street, or community. They work every single day in search of materials you and I consider waste. These are waste pickers, they collect 80 to 90% of all South African household packaging waste and save more than R750 million rands worth of potential landfill cost for municipalities. 
Unfortunately, we have ignored them, called them by names, and even fought with them, all this has to change because these are our unsung environmental heroes. Here is a challenge if you are brave enough: 

Waste Picker Challenger:
Next time you see a waste picker pulling or pushing a trolley, do the following: 
1. Greet them with respect and ask how they are doing.
2. Ask what materials they collect and where they are taking the waste material. 
3. Ask how you can help (You don't have to assist, ask so you know what they need support on) 
4. Ask for their name and a selfie
5. Send the info to moc.liamg%40tfigelebul, including what the waste picker needs support on. 
6. Your Selfie with the waste picker will be celebrated on social media (Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook)