To those with wild hearts

To those with wild hearts

The most amazing thing about adventures is the never ending curiosity

The feeling of accepting that you do not know what will happen ahead of you, what you will encounter, experience, feel and even love.

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This feeling is the reason we long to travel, we long for the long road and the short stops , the long flights and short nights, the journey of a never ending destination.

The feeling of those with wild hearts.

Something we are born with, seen when we were inside the house but kept looking out the window, wanting to know what’s out there.

Seen when we were young yet played family, pretending to be adults who traveled the world to feed their kids, playing different scenarios of what could be. Accepting every possible outcome as the lesson of the day.


And when the day ends, some of these lessons would come as dreams revealing in incredible detail what the future could be.

And when the dreams ends, some of these small details would come to live in real life and we would come them de’vaju.

And when that ends, we would be reminded that we need to accept that you do not know what will happen ahead, to enjoy the journey of a never ending destination