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Meet Gift 😁💚🌍

A Globally Awarded Circular Economy Entrepreneur - TEDx Speaker - World Economic Forum Global Shaper - South Africa's most influential Young Person, Top 20 under 30 Entrepreneur & cofounder of Kudoti - A company which was titled South Africa’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company.

Gift's story told by Meta forWork

Kudoti, co-founded by Gift, has digitized and tracked more than 15 million tons of waste across the world from South Africa to Chile.. By offering visibility into what happens to waste with real-time data, this digital platform paves the way for brands to be fully circular and more sustainable in a world which generates over 2 billion tons of waste each year – most of which ends up in landfills.
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Let's rethink "Waste Pollution"

● The global economy is now only 7.2% circular; and it’s getting worse year on year—driven by rising material extraction and use.
● The World Consumes 100 Billion Tons of Materials Every Year.
● The 5th planetary boundary has been officially crossed and nobody cares (link explaining what are planetary boundaries).

This is time we have until climate change is irreversible!


About Gift Lubele

Gift is a circular economy entrepreneur, For the past 8 years he has devoted his life to fighting climate change, particularly waste pollution through:

    Supporting sustainability actions 
    Speaking about Climate Change (Circular Economy)
    Building Circular Economy models
    Research and Insights Sharing
    Mentoring other climate entrepreneurs

Why you should know where your waste goes?| Gift Lubele TEDxTalk |

TEDX Speaker

 Big Love for the Planet.
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Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Best Service Provider"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"
Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"